Echo noise when recording

I’m a new user. I use Audacity in two different laptops. In my school’s laptop works perfectly, but when I try to use my personal laptop (Dell model) the software produce an awful echo noise that ruins the recording. What I can do to fix it?



You should describe what you’re doing.

“I’m recording my voice through a USB microphone.”

Are you using headphones in both locations? Headphones are required for live microphone work. Leaving speakers and microphones running in the same room is asking for troubles.

Do you like to record internet audio? Audacity settings for that and live microphone are different.


I’m sorry. I use it to record a conversation, speaking practice. In the other computer record my voice with the internal microphone and works. In my Dell laptop I was trying the same thing: record my voice in a simple conversation, but does not work. I did not try with an external microphone.


Try turning off Transport > Software Playthrough - that is, if it has a tick (checkmark) by it, click on it to remove the mark.

If the computer is Windows Vista or later, turn the recording enhancements off: .


Newer computers naturally assume you’re trying to make a conference call or Skype and apply effects and filters. This can lead to some entertaining results. Windows Enhance Services frequently messes with music recordings. Koz