Echo in voice track after adding music in 2nd track

this is really weird. I recorded a voice track (mono) for about 5 minutes and all is fine. Then I added a music track in stereo and then this happens:
When I press play, the voice track has an echo which is annoying.
I searched around and tried Noise Gate, which worked for a 10 second excerpt, but when marking the whole track it seems to change nothing so the echo is like before.
any ideas?

How? How did you add the music track?

Do you still get the vocal echo if you MUTE the Music track (on the left)?


Is this a same problem of echo and sound buzzling in headphones.

hello kozikowski,

Blockquote How? How did you add the music track?

under the 1st track - right mouse click - add stereo track

Blockquote Do you still get the vocal echo if you MUTE the Music track (on the left)?

if I mute the music track then track1 - the voice track - is fine :thinking:

ooops,what I didn’t try before: if I mute track 1 (the voice track), then track2 (the music track) also plays the voice and music together. I have no idea how this works?? :face_with_spiral_eyes:

so far now I can work with my audio the way it was meant. Maybe I don’t understand why the voice track has to be muted
but thanx to all contributors -it works :grinning: :smiley:

What I meant was, did you perform the music track live, or did you drag and drop an existing track? If you performed it live, you could get cross-leakage from the voice track.

There’s no shortage of tricks and things Windows can do because the makers think it will help you with your production. There are many things Windows can do to “help you” with your Meetings, Skype, and Zoom. The trick is knowing how to turn them all off.


no live track, the music track was recorded from a YouTube video

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