Echo in the recordings, how to stop it?

Hi all. I am doing basic recording of online presentations with Audacity. For many years this has worked nicely but now I am constantly getting a recording with double and even triple echo, so it is quite annoying. I am positive it is not the microphone involved. I am recording properly with no mic.

Is there something I can adjust in preferences or the set up to avoid this? I am using version 2.4.2 in OS X Catalina

thank in advance!


“Real time” presentations (like Zoom), or recorded presentations (like a normal YouTube video)?

Describe the setup and settings of how you are recording.

Sometimes for troubleshooting, we have to build your system in our heads, so it’s good to know what everything is and how you have it connected. Pretend I’m going to buy what you have. I need model numbers.