Echo during recording

Hi, I have a Lenco turn table with USB and try to record my vinyl albums, but each time I record, I have a echo in the recording.
I try to rectify the problem by checking all settings, but they seem to be OK. Does anyone knows where this echo comes from?

Have you got set in your preferences: “Software Playthrough” and " Play other tracks while recording new one" - if so, uncheck them.

See also this page from the Wiki:


I had the same problem when recording from my tape recorder or mike and then I noticed that when using the mouse arrow to send the speaker volume thingy on the Audacity top toolbar down to zero sometimes it would flick back a few mills and when I left it like that and then recerded I got an echo. However, when I pushed it right down to zero (as I always do now) - even though I might have to keep pushing it down several times until it stays still at zero - the echo goes away. Bit of nuisance but it works!
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If you look in the Windows Mixer (loudspeaker icon near the system clock) you can probably mute it altogether rather than just turning it down.

Bin there, done that, works great and quicker than the way I was using!