Echo at 36 mins of audio

Audacity 2.0.6
Yosemite 10.10.2
Recording telephone meetings, using a JD Audio Quicktap. If the meeting runs for more than 35 mins, an echo starts up (not heard by phone participants). The echo continues upto 3 mins and stops on its own. Using a windows system with audacity, this does not occur (testing the same phone line, same tap, etc.) Anyone else reporting this issue?

I had one instance similar to that. I’m using a bi-directional analog earset into a simple USB audio adapter. Mine didn’t wait for 36 minutes. About ten minutes in, it started double recording. I didn’t stay with it long enough to find out if it was going to resolve itself. It happened once and that was six months ago.

I restart my machines at least once a week at the backup interval and I restart Audacity at the top of every important recording. Hasn’t happened since.

If you make a 34 minute recording, put the Project away and then pick it up again tomorrow and Append Record (Shift-R), does it still do it at the 35 minute mark? If you have time to test, does it then do it 35 minutes after the Append Record?

Audacity doesn’t support Yosemite yet, but all we’re expecting is some of the Apple filters don’t work. Not smoke and fire.


Koz, thanks. Reboot of software and mac does not change the issue. We are using a usb input off the tap. What is so strange is the consistent 36 min mark, no matter what. Unfortunately, these are coaching sessions and stop and start is not viable. We have tried changing ports and have insured the usb line is single input, all other devices/backups are on a port replicator in separate port.

The reason I wanted you to try that test is not to specifically fix your problem. It’s to try and nail down different error conditions to put into the diagnostic hat. If it fails at the 36 minute mark no matter what, the conditions are very different than if it fails 36 minutes after you entered Append Record.

Just to cover the bases, how big is the hard drive and how much room do you have? How much memory does the machine have? I need someone who knows the conditions that are set during recording. Like the recording buffer is always set in a specific place and that place is running out of space or permission environment.

We are using a usb input off the tap.

Say that again and use different words.

You’re not trying to record or run Audacity over a network are you?


There’s another oblique troubleshooting technique. Can you make it worse? Again, that doesn’t directly help you, but if you do something or push a button and the problem changes or gets worse, that can be very valuable to know.


Do you mean JK Audio QuickTap ? If not does this product have a web page or documentation?

JK Audio QuickTap does not have USB output. Are you connecting that to some USB interface? If so what is the make and model number of the interface?