Easy way to break entire CD into songs and title?

A friend sent me an entire DVD-A as a 5.1 FLAC file. Some songs run together. Is there an easy way to break out the individual songs, and title them, keeping them all in playing order?

Help would be appreciated. Thanks.

After making a backup…

Probably the easiest thing is to select/highlight one song at time and then File → Export → Export Selected Audio.

I usually like to export a little extra on both ends, especially if there is zero-gap. Then I re-import the song, zoom-in and trim. And sometimes a shott fade-in and fade-out (a few milliseconds) is “smoother” than a hard-cut and if it’s short-enough you won’t hear the “fade”.

There is also a way to label the tracks and then Export Multiple.

Edit the metadata Track Number tag and then your player software can (optionally) play them in track-number order.

Configure Audacity for Advanced Mixing Options, otherwise Audacity will downmix the 5.1 channel audio to stereo when you export.

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