Easily Split Muti-Segmented Recording?

I record our church service and currently we record our ‘service’ to one track and our ‘songs’ to another track.

I was thinking I could add some type of marker for “Track A” “Track B” and “cut” That way I don’t risk missing a bit I should or get a bit I don’t need.

I found “Add Label at Playback Postion” (CTRL M). This seems to be the first step… But I’d need an accurate way to select the space between the markers. The main reason I wanted to post this here, however, is that there are many other options in those menus that look like I could automate the proscess witch would of course be ideal.

To meet my needs as they have it setup currently, I just need to be able to use the “Export Mutiple” feature to end up with 2 .wav files. One track being our ‘service’ and the other being our ‘songs’

Thanks for helping me figure this out!

Links to exsiting tutorials on a simmilar process would be welcomed as well (if one exisit)

Labels can be moved if they are not in quite the right place by clicking on the circle at the centre of the marker and dragging it. Take care not to click on the “wings” either side of the circle or that will convert the marker into a “region label”.

There is a tutorial about splitting tracks and Export Multiple here: http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/splitting_a_recording_into_separate_tracks.html

our ‘service’ to one track and our ‘songs’ to another track.

We may be having two different conversations. Multiple track recording in Audacity is relatively difficult, so can we assume what you’re really doing is recording one stereo track with the service on Left and the songs on Right? The recommendations are very different if that’s what you have.