Easier Track Scrolling - Page Up/Down / move scroll bar

I use Audacity for converting vinyl to digital. So low sophistication but plenty of bulk repetitive operations cleaning up data.
Love all the features you have for repairing noise. Thanks.

Use case:
Fixing audio requires a lot of track scrolling at high zoom level looking for noise to repair. Moving by a screen frame (via PageUp/PageDown or click on scroll bar) is the most frequent operation.

PageUp and PageDown on a notebook, if available at all, are typically at the top of the keyboard so you have to reach over all the time. Audacity does not support re-mapping this function (explicitly stated in the manual) so I cannot even map the Numeric keypad pageup-pagedown keys as more convenient alternatives

Supporting mapping left/right scroll would be the most general solution but at minimum, hard wiring numeric/pgup and numeric/pgdown to the current PageUp and PageDown functions would help a lot.

Also with the objective of reducing hand/mouse/touchpad motions, the other change that would help a lot would be to let one position the horizontal scroll bar above the track one is working on to facilitate moving the cursor to it, especially when using a touch pad (which requires dragging the cursor from the top of the window to the bottom of the window). I understand that 2-finger horizontal scrolling works but discrete amounts of scroll, as controlled by a key or mouse/touchpad click is far more efficient while ensuring you don’t under or over scroll.

Thank you.