Ear Master Pro program look alike

HI all… I want a develop a program that works much like Ear Master Pro for my N800 (Internet Tablet 2008 OS [Debian-based]).
More on Ear Master Pro here … http://www.earmaster.com/pro/index.htm
Basically how the program works is that… (i think) … it has some samples of different instruments and it plays chords and different sequences and quizzes you on them.

I’d like to do the same but I’ve got a few questions I’m hoping you guys can help me with…

  1. Where would I even get the samples (piano)? Are there any piano samples I can download in a format that some library has been written to read them?
  2. Can I use audacity libraries to play them, combine them so I can play them simultaneously?
  3. Can Audacity read Reason samples? I saw some free Reason samples lying around I think I could use.
  4. Orrrr … instead of using samples could I use some VSTi technology or something of the sort to produce the sounds using a synthesizer instead?

Use Google - there are loads of free piano samples in “SoundFont” format - if you rip them apart in a SoundFont editor the samples inside are in WAV format.

Have a look at Nyquist Programming: http://audacityteam.org/help/nyquist