Ear Fatigue w/Audacity Vinyl Rips

Sorry if this was posted before…couldn’t find it on the boards if so.

Anyway, I"ve been ripping vinyl with Audacity 2.3 for my Mac for a few months now. Using the settings recommended in the manual’s workflow:

44000 hz
32 Bit floating Sample rate
Medium Sample Rate Quality

My recordings sounds fine on my computer…I’m converting to ALAC for iTunes/ipod use in the car. When I listen to my ripped vinyl , I begin to get what’s best described as ‘Ear Fatigue’ in a short period of time, and I don’t mean when the music is cranked up. It’s almost a mid to low level pressure-like feeling in my ears, but again, only with the vinyl rips.

Has anyone else run into this problem, and do any of you have suggestions on how to fix?

Audacity 2.3

Do you have a bogus Audacity? There is no 2.3.



I have had this problem . Sometimes when changing from one venue to another tracks start to sound “muddy” giving my ears the feeling of being clogged. Usually, changing the EQ settings can fix this. You could try it and see if it works. I find it helpful to listen to 3 or 4 tracks of properly EQ’ed music before making adjustments. Also, never trust your computer speakers for making final adjustments to your tracks. Use speakers or headphones that allow for a full range of frequencies. Final adjustments well depend on the equipment you are using and the venues you are playing your music in. Generally, when this problem occurs, I find bass cuts and mid and high boosts work well for the equipment I use. Make all adjustments in moderation of course.


Running version 2.0.3 with audacity.

MAC OS 10.10.3

With what equipment are you playing/listening in the car? Portable devices can’t reproduce bass frequencies well so you may want to reduce frequencies below say 500 Hz in Equalization, and also consider using Compressor to reduce difference between loud and soft (if it’s a more subtle genre of music).


Thanks for the suggestion! I’m definitely give the EQ some going over…

With what equipment are you playing/listening in the car?

Thanks for the input, Gale…I’m using the last generation iPod classic (updated OS) via a external input into a factory car stereo.

I’ll definitely give the EQ a once over and see what I can do.

Again, much thanks!