Each track records previous track; multitrack problem

I have Audacity 2.0.0. on a Dell XPS Windows 7 with realtek audio. I know many have had this problem but I have tried everything and cannot find the right solution. I would be so greatful for your help! I am using headphones and a computer mic into a realtek audio soundcard.

Each new track records not only what I’m recording with my mic, but also the previous tracks, just at a lower level.
My Audacity settings:
Preferences-recording-overdub checked / playthrough unchecked.
MME, Speakers (Realtek), Microphone (Realtek High def), 2 (steareo) Input channels selected up top.
Windows Mixer Settings:
recording: realtek high def audio selected as default
stereo mix disabled
playback: speakers (real tek high def audio) selected as default
realtek digital output “not plugged in”
I have mic and audacity set to 44100 CD quality, I’ve disabled all sound effects, and done everything suggested in the audacity windows mixer wiki.
As previous posts have suggested, this is no doubt a problem with my windows mixer (since the same thing is happening to me when I use cool edit), but I can’t fix it! :frowning: Thank you in advance for your help. There has got to be a simple solution to this. I just can’t get my computer to stop recording from the soundcard.

How much lower is the level?
Is it possible that the microphone is picking up sound spilling out from the headphones?

If it’s not “overspill”, check the exact model on the Dell web site and see if they have any updated sound card drivers.

Thank you so much for your quick reply. The sound that it records on the next track is actually at about 75% of the first track. I am sure it is not bleed from the headphones since I can stand far away, turn them low, and it still records from the previous track at the same level. I searched the dell and realtek sites and apparently my drivers are up to date:(

Check what other programs are running in the background. In particular look out for any voip programs. Shut down (completely) and non-essential programs or services. Does that make any difference?

Steve, thank you so much for repointing me to the drivers. According to the dell website I was up to date but I downloaded “slimdrivers” and that program found that I did INDEED need a new realtek driver. This not only fixed my issue, it also fixed the latency! Thank you so much for your help! I had one more question about the best way of reducing hiss, but I guess I should post under a different topic.

Glad you got it fixed, and yes, please start a new topic.