.e00 Filetype unable to be opened

Hi all,

I am using Audacity Version 2.1.2 on Windows 10.

I am new to Audacity and I have a e00 filetype which came from a Church Organ. I would assume the organ is pretty old because of this odd filetype. I thought that a file could be opened as a MIDI file but Audacity would not let me import it as either a MIDI file or a Raw data file. I even tested out changing the extension from e00 to MIDI and I am still unable to open the file.

Is there a way to open this type of file from Audacity or do I have to use a different program to open this file (if there is a free program out there that would be great)



Do not open the .AU files in the _data folder of the Audacity project. Do not rename or change the extension of those .AU files or change the names of the subfolders.

Simply open the AUP file.

Click this link to read more: http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/faq_opening_and_saving_files.html#aufolder.


I’ve never heard of the e00 format and with Google I didn’t find anything related to sound or music.

You might try opening it with Notepad to see if it’s human readable. Otherwise, you’ll probably have to research the organ.

How does the organ read/write the file? Is there a computer connection (MIDI or RS232, etc.)? Or, is there a floppy drive built into the Organ? Something else?

What’s the problem or what are you trying to do with the file?

…Sometimes technology gets out of date and there’s not much you can do. Unless it’s a really old & valuable pipe organ and you have a big budget to update it to MIDI.

My guess is that ryan xu is looking at the folders inside the project “_data” folder (which are named things like “e00”), in which case see Gale’s reply.