Help!.. I have a road block to deal with here. When I was young, Computers were just a novelty, Now they run the world. I just want to run Audacity on my computer! Some one please tell me how to go from an edited recording to an E-Mail I can send? If you would put it in laymen’s terms, don’t get too technical on me. Thanks

The maximum size of an email attachment can be as small as 5Mb (YMMV).
5Mb in mp3 format is about 5 minutes.
If you want to share longer audio file you can upload it to a file hosting service,
then you just include a link to the hosted file in the email, (rather than attach the file).

If your audio is for public consumption you can use SoundCloud, (which is like YouTube, but sound only).
https ://soundcloud.com/bbc_com/how-to-make-mead-in-the-parisian-catacombs#t=0:55
IIRC SoundCloud, like YouTube, is free to upload.

OK, so I am supposing you are a little familiar with Audacity and with your email program.

Typically, smaller audio files are sent as .mp3 files, so the first thing you want to do is File > Export > Export as MP3, assign it a name, then save in your Music or Documents file or some place you will remember.

In your email program, begin composing an email: address it, add a title, type in a short body, and then click on the paper clip icon or attach button. A dialog will pop up asking you to locate your mp3 file saved in the prior step. Then send the email.

If you can’t find the attachment icon, In Windows File Manager, locate the file, and drag the file directly into the body of your email.

Read Trebor’s note. Audio files can get very very big and email was designed for much smaller items.