E-Mail notification confusion

Instead of just telling me who has responded to a message, can there not be a simple sentence or two of what was said in a reply?

I find myself having to go back into the forum from the e-mail message several times just to see that I already read that response. I get back to my e-mail list and don’t know if I clicked on that message already. Getting only one e-mail message if there are several responses is a problem too.

I can only imagine that the law was set down because someone(s) decided that too many messages were a pain and set the rules to force everyone to follow.

Thanks for the suggestion.
Unfortunately the forum software (phpBB) does not provide that feature.

I’ve looked to see if there is a mod available to add that functionality, but there is currently no officially supported mod to do that. I did find an unofficial mod, but it is currently a beta version and has not been checked or tested by the phpBB developers so we have no way of knowing whether it works reliable or whether it is safe to use. As this is a high profile, very active forum, we cannot take the risk of installing unverified modifications to the forum software.

If an officially supported mod becomes available, then we can consider installing it to make this feature available.