e-mail 30 minute lecture

I am neophyte computer and audacity user. I can record in Audacity but cannot see how to e-mail 30 minute lecture. I have read FACs, studied “Learn How To Use Audacity” on line, tutorials, tips and have not found info.
What I need is just “click” instructions.

Click Edit
Click Export
Click ??
Click ??

The “click” could be left out (and the question marks, Ha). REAL simple, please!!
Windows Vista Home Premium, Oper.sys. ver. - 6.0.6002 serv. pack 2Build 6002; Audacity 2.0.0.
Help GREATLY appreciated.

We do need a few more pieces of this. Is the lecture in mono – one single sound track? Do you have the “lame” software package from the download site?

Yahoo Mail has a 20MB limit, but I don’t think a highly compressed 30 minute lecture should be too big a deal. If the quality goes into the toilet at that compression, you can split up the lecture into two emails – 15 min each.


Is there enough detail here: http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/MP3_Export_Options
If not, where do you get stuck?

Thank you, Kozikowski and Steve for your replies!

K. - I record lecture in Mono with a little music in stereo.
I learned what I know in 1.3.3 and Friday deleted and downloaded 2.0.0. When I read about 1.3, I learned that I
needed to download LAME but I could not. When I read about 2.0, a note said that 2.0 had LAME.

S. - I read MP3 export options and made my decisions for first try, but I do not know how to get there from record
(save or go direct?).
Then from MP3 to e-mail?

Is there a guide for dummys for this? I’ll buy two volumes, one for my study and one to carry with me, Ha!

does this page from the Wiki help: http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/Sending_your_work_to_others


WC, thanks so much. I have tried to read it all (and understand a part!), but missed this, “Sending your work to others.” Thanks, again. Also went to “Saving”, “Export”, “MP3 Export Options” and “Lame Installation”.
“LAME Installation” said try to export and that will tell if you have LAME. I saved to MP3 compression but can find no info how to email out of there.
Stuck now on that.
I go each Saturday to the radio station (13 weeks instead of working for the wife or FISHING), and need to record and e-mail earlier in the week.
I am thinking a try at e-mailing ought to tell me something I can build on.
Thank you for ANY help!

Audacity does not have any interface to e-mail (it has no “Send To” feature). Having created your MP3 file you now send that via your usual e-mail software’s “Attach a file” feature.