dylib from previous install of ffmpeg? Cannot find.

Before I ever installed Audacity, I installed ffmpeg (64-bit for Catalina). My ffmpeg executable is in my /Applications folder, but I do not see a dylib file anywhere.

I believe I installed a binary (ffmpeg-5.0.zip), as opposed to building from source.

Do I need to install again from a .pkg?

If so, am I going to end up with two versions of ffmpeg?

Also, the Prefs dialog asks for ffmpeg.64bit.dylib, not ffmpeg.55.64bit.dylib. What is the difference between the ‘55’ one and the non-55 one? Are they the same or does it not matter? Is one of the filenames incorrect? I’m confused.


Did you unzip the file?
The best option is to install using the PKG installer. It will put the ffmpeg files in /Library/Application Support/audacity/libs. Audacity should then automatically find them.
The “55” versions work fine.
– Bill

Where will it put the executable? Will there be a conflict?

I don’t know what you mean by “the executable”. Are you wanting to invoke ffmpeg from the command line? I don’t know why there would be a conflict.
– Bill

Yes. The “executable” is the command-line app at /Applications/ffmpeg.

If you’re asking for help installing ffmpeg for use from the command line then I can’t help you.

I do know that if you install ffmpeg using the installer it will install dylib files in a location where Audacity will find them and you will then be able to use ffmpeg to import and export myriad file formats into and out of Audacity.

– Bill