DVD burner - can it do CDs, too?

Hey. Thanks, for the great board!
My question regards burning CDs. My CD burner appears to be defective and I want to get a replacement.
There are more DVD burners available. Can these also do CDs?

They should. Look on the side of the box. DVD-R and CD-R are the two common formats. You may have to dig through the other formats, but as long as it says those two, you should be good to go.

Some PCs only support DVD+R. HP machines come to mind and people can go on for days explaining why that’s a better format, but DVD-R produced disks closest to the Movie DVD format.


As Koz says - and my practical experience of the DVD burner in my laptop is that it can record good CDs too.


Awesome. Your instructions were perfect. The box said everything you said it would. Thanks, so much.