DVD -audio format

I was wondering if the developers can add the DVD audio feature. I have a car stereo in my Acura that allows me to play DVD-audio format DVD disc. they can hold up to 70 songs on a standard dvd-r disc.

Audacity doesn’t burn anything. Typically, you prepare the songs in Audacity, export them in perfect WAV (Microsoft) format, and present them to the disk burning and authoring program. It’s the authoring program that does any conversions needed.


Audacity does not produce any type of optical disk. Is your request to add CD/DVD disk burning to Audacity, or for Audacity to be able to produce files that are suitable for burning to DVD? If the former we can note your “vote”. If the latter, then Audacity already supports “WAV”, which is usually supported by DVD burning programs.

There are various ways to put audio onto DVD disks. They can be ordinary audio files (such as “WAV”, “MP3” etc.) copied as “data” to the DVD, or as a “DVD Audio” disk (DVD-A), or as a normal “video” DVD without the pictures. You will need to find out exactly what DVD format your player supports, then use suitable DVD burning software to make the disks. Most CD/DVD burning software can use WAV files.

If the car is that talented, no doubt it will also play DATA CDs in which case you can get a great many MP3 songs on a CD. Many Audio CD Authoring and Burning programs will do that, although you do have to make the MP3s in Audacity.