Dutch-language Audacity forum, anyone?

Hello there!

Personally, I have no problems getting my thoughts across in English (plus a couple of additional languages). But I know of people rather limited in this area. Those happen to be around on these forums as well, I notice: folks trying to find a solution for often basic glitches, but their message usually getting lost in an ocean of misunderstandings.

In the UK at least, “the” Dutch seem to have a reputation - rightly or wrongly - as language geniuses. But there are quite a few, too, with a knack for mangling English beyond belief. Or any other foreign tongue, for that matter. I kid you not.

Current international forums available are in Spanish, French, German and Russian. So I wonder if a Dutch-language (sub)forum addition might be feasible. For this category especially. And incidentally, I think it’d be of service to Flemish (Belgium Dutch) as well.


Are you volunteering, or do you know someone who would volunteer? Anyone volunteering needs to be very knowledgeable about Audacity, and prepared to keep updated to the current Audacity release, or there is no point. And since most of our users are on Windows, they must be able to answer questions about Audacity on Windows.