Duration is shorter


First, sorry my englsh, I dont use translate.

So, I have a 1.5h .wav file. In audacity this duration is shorter than in the vlc (+kmplayer, +mediaplayer), the different is 45sec.
I tried with a longer audio 15h and in that case the different was 4min.
Audiacity 2.1.1 and simple win7

I’m dummy in this problem, so I need a little help.


Are you sure these are ordinary WAV files?

in vlc’s media information:
codec: ima wav adpcm audio (ms)
channels: mono
sample rate: 48000 Hz
bits per sample: 16

+record bitrate 192 kb/s
I cant understand what is the problem. Just the audacity “cut” the duraton shorter. because with the ms mediaplayer i can “see” the ful duration what i recorded. Kmplayer ok, vlc ok. I will see with another editor.

So it’s not a “normal” WAV file. (IMA ADPCM - MultimediaWiki)

Do you mean that there’s a bit missing? Which bit - the end of the file?