duration and size not shown in burning software

I’ve tried successfully to record LPs from a turntable.
But today several tracks appear without any mention of duration or size.
For example a song which I recorded lasts 4 mns & 59 seconds, and weighs 50. 4 Mo.
I recorded it, but these data did not appear and when I tried to burn a CD,
it was announced that it was impossible to record a track whose duration was unknown.
So I re recorded it, and this time it worked.
But other tracks still remain with an unknown duration or size, which means I cannot
transfer them onto a CD.
What should I do ?
Is it possible to change the duration of a track ?

Please always state your version of Windows and Audacity (see the pink panel at the top of the page).

Are you using Windows Media Player 11 to burn and you see a red symbol and a “length of file cannot be determined” error? If so, drag the files into the Media Player Library or into a playlist, before dragging them into the burn list.


You didn’t tell us the format of your file or what burning software you’re using… Certainly, Audacity knows the duration and size.

CDs are 44.1kHz, 16-bit, stereo. Try a exporting to WAV files with those settings. Audio CDs use the same underlying uncompressed PCM format as WAV files, but audio CDs do not contain WAV files. That format takes about 10MB per minute. (About the size of your file.) You can burn WAV or MP3 files onto a CD, just as you can burn any “data” file, and it will play on a computer (and on some car stereos & DVD players) but it won’t play in a regular-old CD player.

If changing the format doesn’t help, try a different burning application. (I use [u]ImgBurn[/u].)

Any LP will fit on an audio CD. (The original audio CD spec was 74 minutes, but 80 minute blank CDs are now common.

s it possible to change the duration of a track ?

Of course! Play the record at 45RPM, or change the speed and/or tempo in Audacity, or fade it out early… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: But, you don’t really want to monkey with the duration of the songs, do you?

Playthem at 45 rpm is not the solution, of course, as you probably know.
I found a solution : I put all tracks
on a playing list, and the durations appeared.
The funny thing is they are still listed as “0 second” and “O Mo” .
Thanks just the same.

As I suggested. :wink:

We cannot help you with no information to go on. Is this Windows Media Player 11? You may have to play the file in Windows Media Player to see the length and file size. I think these problem are fixed in Windows Media Player 12 which comes with later versions of Windows.