Duplicate track and delay 2nd track

John Lennon used an overdub delay to give his voice that sound. Record voice once then duplicate it and play the 2nd track slightly delayed. I know how to do this in Audacity but the scale is wrong. The shortest I can delay the 2nd track is about double what I need. Don’t know how to scale my recording so I get a closer delay. The plugin delays are not the same or as good.

No, but you can split the stereo track and add silence to the beginning of the bottom one. You can Generate > Silence down to digital sample accuracy if you want.


You don’t need the split. You already have two tracks.


Method 1

  1. Record voice once

  2. Ctrl + D to duplicate

  3. Click on the second track so that both tracks are not selected. (If both tracks are selected, then step 5 will move both tracks together, which we don’t want).

  4. Zoom in on the start of the track so that you can see the timeline in enough detail for a small change

  5. Use the Time Shift tool to slide the second track a little to the right.

    Method 2

  6. Record voice once

  7. Apply the “Delay” effect with settings similar to this (adjust the “Delay Time” setting as required):