Duplicate Comments in Metadata

I have a problem with Audacity creating duplicate copies of any comments I have in the metadata comments field when exporting a file. Is there a simple way to find the cause and stop it?

My music library manager is MusicBee. I am using Audacity 3.0.0, but this has been happening for years with the older releases too. It happens when I export files in both FLAC and MP3 formats. This problem ONLY happens for me with Audacity; if I rip a CD or even just normalize a wav file with Exact Audio Copy (and other software), any comments I enter in that software are NOT duplicated.

When I use the Tag Inspector in MusicBee to look a file exported from Audacity, .flac files show they are using Vorbis Comments, and the same “comment” tag I entered in Audacity is shown in the Comment tag AND the Description tag.

MusicBee displays duplicate comments for any files exported from Audacity in any format that I have tried. When I look at a .mp3 file exported from Audacity, the Tag Inspector shows it has ID3V2 tags, but I cannot see the duplicated comments in multiple tags like I do for .flac files. Despite that, MusicBee still sees and displays the duplicate comments.

Metadata is a constant problem because so many apps use different “standards”.
Audacity tries to compromise by supporting the most commonly supported tags. In some cases this requires using two versions of a tag - some applications see one version, other applications see the other version, and a few applications see both versions.

The only way to guarantee that tags work perfectly in a particular app is to use that app to create the tags.

Similar issues have been reported before… Audacity’s metadata editor is (obviously) limited and it doesn’t handle all of the formats perfectly. It also doesn’t support embedded artwork. And it can’t edit the metadata without re-writing the audio data (and without re-compressing compressed formats).

I’d guess metadata editing is a low priority for the developers…

Are you saying you can’t fix it with MusicBee? Try MP3Tag (which works with most formats, not just MP3).

Thank you very much for your replies - it is pretty much what I expected. I was just hoping that there might me a control file somewhere that I could edit to stop one of the duplicates. Oh well…

It is a very simple matter to edit the comments in MusicBee and delete the second half of the comment. It is just a pain in the butt to have to do this on every track or album, so I mostly just ignore it. I have learned to not put long or detailed comments in the metadata from Audacity, just enough to provide some identification about where the rip or edit came from.