Duplicate and make to stereo


I’m new to Nyquist so I don’t really know how to tackle this. I want to use edit chains to apply my edits which is a noise removal and compression. However I record in mono and before I make recordings on to CD’s I have to export my files in WAV stereo. Currently I have just been duplicating the mono audio and making to stereo I was wanting to know if there is any way of make a track from mono to stereo. My recording only ever contains one mono track. I’m hoping this can be done using nyquist prompt because then I can use a edit chain that applies all my edits including making to stereo and then export without me having to do anything inbetween.

Any input on this would be great, I don’t expect anyone to right anything, but if someone can point me in the right direction that would be great.


“Nyquist” is a programming language that has been incorporated into Audacity.
When Nyquist is used as an effect, either via the “Nyquist Prompt” effect, or with a Nyquist Plug-in, audio data is passed by Audacity from the audio track to Nyquist. It is then processed by Nyquist and the result is passed back to Audacity and put back into the audio track where it came from.

If you are processing a mono track, then the returned data must be mono as it needs to be placed back in the original (mono) track. Although Nyquist is able to change the audio data from mono to stereo, Nyquist is not able to change the track type and it is not possible to return stereo audio data to a mono track.

Why do you have to change the tracks to stereo? Most CD burning applications are able to automatically convert mono WAV files to stereo.
If your CD burning program is unable to do that there are several excellent free CD programs that can. For Windows I would recommend CDBurnerXP. http://cdburnerxp.se/