Dump the Cache with Hot Keys

There was a post where someone gave a short list of Hot Keys that would dump the Edit > UNDO cache in the middle of a show to keep it from getting too big. It would freeze wherever you were to Time Zero with no further UNDO possible except for additional editing.

From fuzzy memory it was three key combinations such as [some key]+[some other key].


I think that feature has been removed.


That’s not good news.


Just checked the manual: History - Undo and Redo - Audacity Manual

You can, if you wish, compress your project removing the temporary storage with:

  1. File > Save Project
  2. File > Exit
  3. Relaunch Audacity
  4. File > Open

But note carefully that this will remove your Undo History and delete the contents of your Audacity clipboard.

Wasn’t the the Compact Project command.

I did hear that Muse were considering bringing that back sometime.


But possibly prevent your large, complex, difficult show from going up in a ball of brightly-coloured flames.

They’ll probably consider it harder when one of them experiences a ball of brightly…etc.


Audacity no longer has enough machine resources to continue with this production. Make no new edits and save the current project!