Dumbest question ever - only one track showing

new user, luddite. I’m hooked up from my tape deck, that shows 2 tracks playing, equal on each track…2XRCA by 3.5mm pin connector to my old Mac running 10.6.8. I’ve figured out how to record, save, listen as I record, etc., but I’m only getting one track on the display of two tracks. Is my problem settings of some sort, or do I have a defective connector (RCA x pin) ? Or, maybe, I’m only supposed to have one track? I can’t find anything in the documentation that says “you will now see two tracks being recorded”,

Any help?

Audacity 2.2.1, by the way

Which Mac is that, exactly?

If it’s a Macbook Pro, chances are it’s too new.

I don’t know exactly when, but Apple changed the old and trusted 3,5 mm stereo line input jack to a newer kind that supports mic input and stereo headphone output on the one plug. It’s called a TRRS connector. Lots of Windows PC’s seem to have these too, these days.

No, my tower def has a 3.5 mm input. I think something is wrong with the output connectors of the tape deck —or the exact 3.5 cable…still I want to know if I should be seeing two frequency streams when I have the new recording set for stereo?

Just to make sure, you have Audacity set to record 2 channels, you see a stereo track recorded, but only channel of the stereo track has sound?

When recording, do both the left and right meters move, or just one of them?

Does your cable look like the one in the first picture on this page? Note the three connection points on the 3.5mm end: tip, ring and sleeve.

– Bill

yes, I believe I have the settings correct. You may have hit something on the pin end, though, because they one I found on my shelf has FOUR sections, not three. This can explain getting full sound when the pin on one of the RCA connectors is touched to the steel outside casing of the pin connector on the Tape Deck. I’ll hope the new cable I ordered fixes this problem, allowing everyone else to learn from my error.

This Mac connection…

Works with one of these.

This is me shooting a remote radio broadcast with it.

Too may rings on the 1/8" plug can cause very serious problems. From the tip back, it’s Left, Right, Shield. That got very complicated when people determined to smash all possible sound services into one socket.