"Duck" or "FadeOut-FadeIn" Feature?

We are working with multiple tracks of our bigband and we often have the problem, that one tone of one person was to loud. So we want to reduce the volume for a short moment, then return back to normal level. But this change should effekt smooth.

A helpful tool would be, that we can mark a selection of (lets say) 1000msec on a track. Now the tool will decrease volume to -20dB in the first 250msec, then hold volume on that level for 500msec, then rise it up to level before in the last 250msec… (sorry for my bad english)

Something like a “DUCK”-function. Or call it “FadeOut - Keep quieter - FadeIn”.

With this tool we could reduce the volume of single tones very comfortable. At the moment we have to do this in three timewasting steps.

Is there already a tool, which can help us? Does anybody also need it?

It sounds like you need the “Envelope Tool” Envelope Tool - Audacity Manual

Thank you, this is exactly what I was looking for. Did not see this feature before. But this will solve a lot of my problems and challenges and will make the master mix very comfortable.