Dubbing over side A

Can you please help me? I just purchased a Crosley CR6017B and I recorded a vinyl album in which I transferred to a MP3 file when I listened to the recording via external computer speakers the 2nd side of the album had dubbed over the first side. Is there a correction for this issue?

If you saved the Audacity project (AUP file) you can re-open it and move one of the stereo-tracks (forward in time), or mute one track at a time, or select and export one song at a time.

If all you have is the MP3, no, you’ll have to start-over.* You can either make separate recordings for each side, or click pause between sides while recording, or just leave it running and cut-out the gap later.

The last time I digitized a record, I just kept recording while I flipped the record… I’m going to make separate files for each song anyway so a gap of a minute or so is not an issue…

***** “You can’t un-bake a cake or un-fry an egg and you can’t un-mix audio.”