Dual problem: "Failed to Write File" on attempt to export and Crash on "Save As"

I’ve searched and seen other references both on the board and via The Google, but haven’t found anything to resolve the issue. Hoping someone here can help. Thanks in advance for any directions folks can provide.

I’m trying to save a project and I’m having a problem that hasn’t happened in previous ones just like it

When I try to export the *.aup file to FLAC divided by labels (ctrl+shift+L), it gets about halfway through the project before it crashes with no error message. I’ve tried a few times. The file itself opens fine without errors. So I tried a few things. I restarted the computer and I updated from v3 to v3.0.2. Neither fixed the issue.

Next, I tried to “Save File As” under another name, this time with no special characters at all. Just one word. It fails partway through and gives me this error message: “Audacity failed to write to a file. Perhaps [drive] is not writable or the disk is full. For tips on freeing up space, click the help button.” I’ve checked and the external drive where I save projects is nowhere near full and is writable. So I tried saving it to my desktop on the C drive. I get the same error.

I can probably think of a few other tests to do (I’m working on it) but hope maybe someone here can offer a tip. It’s not an intensive project but before trying to start from scratch and perhaps finding the same results, I hope to find a way to avoid the problem.

I think you are going in the right direction. :smiley:

So the next steps would be to answer these questions:

  1. Does this happen only with FLAC, or does it happen with MP3 as well?
  2. Does reducing the size of the export file change anything (how small can I make it)
  3. Does reducing the number of labels change anything (how few)
  4. Does the problem happen with a simple export ?

BTW, I would try that last item first - just to make sure you have a backup of your project if you don’t already. There is always a possibility that the project is somehow damaged.