Dual audio geforce experniece cant be separated by audicity.

Hello everybody, probably a lot of you guys have this problem cause i couldn’t find anything about it,
and if you don’t have the money to pay for adobe premier audacity is your best friend.
3.months ago i was able to drag a video that i made with Ge force experience that recorded separated audio
(desktop and mic)that I later could later use in editing software.
Now from the new videos that i made i can’t open them and it says :
Audacity cannot open this type of file. YOU NEED TO CONVERT IT TO A SUPPORTED AUDIO FORMAT, SUCH AS WAV or AIFF.
I tried to open the video that i made 3 months ago and it worked so i guess the Ge force updated how they code the audio.

Windows 10
Audacity 2.2.0 was ; using now 2.2.1
Both videos are mp4
New ones audio is at Bit rate: 393kbps ; 2 channels ; audio sample rate 48.000 kHz(16. February 2018)
Old one:132kbps ; 2 ; 44.100kHz(2017-11-22)
Ge force: now 390.77


Try installing the optional [u]FFmpeg I’mport/Export Library[/u].

I did install it in both cases , cause without it u cant extract audios with Audacity
probably nobody is going to fix it with suggestion
but by updating the FF mpeg 2.2.2
cause it doesn’t work with the new Geforce experience.

You can play the file, right? As a last resort you can always [u]record the audio while it’s playing[/u].

You can also try [u]TAudioConverter[/u] or [u]XMedia Recode[/u].

Appreciate the help the Xmedia did work for me the TaudioConverter could get only 1 of the audios
but i could get the second part with VLC player so they both worked out thank you.