DTS 3ch v ac3 error

My dts have 3 ch it’s LRC when I convert in AC3 it’s L R LFE
how can resolve it ???
I don’t wont 2 ch!

Try a different format, such as WAV or OGG.

ok I make a wav file and mod time for sinc.
After use eac3to (.videohelp.com/software/eac3to) and make ac3

this old work

Yes, it’s very common for 3 channel AC3 to be encoded as 2.1 (stereo + LFE).
If you want L, C, R, use a different format (such as WAV or OGG).

but wav in ac3 has the same error (audacity doesn’t work in 3 ch) i solved it with eac3to :sunglasses:

Audacity playback is only 2 channels, but it can export multi-channel files. See: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/advanced_mixing_options.html

yep, I am just saying that on 3ch it gives this error

Producing three channel AC3 as L, R, LFE is not an error - that’s a standard configuration for 3 channel AC3 and is the default for 3 channel AC3 with FFmpeg.

If you have FFmpeg installed, or another command-line AC3 encoder, it may be possible to achieve different channel configurations using Audacity’s command-line export. See: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/exporting_to_an_external_program.html

thanks I knew about the dts but not about the channels