DTMF tones in Audacity 2.0.5

I can’t see how to insert a pause between tones, as might be necessary when using a preceding number to route a call through a provider of cheaper overseas calls.

There’s a slider to set the ratio between tones and pauses.
Low percentage = short tones.

Thank you Robert.

That slider changes the pauses between each tone. What I want to do is insert a longer pause between two sequences of normally spaced tones.

I don’t see that facility.

Select the point, Generate > Silence. The generate panel will let you select the duration.


Thank you Koz.

I was trying to generate silence after the first group of digits, and add further digits afterwards. It’s something I can do in Cool Edit Pro but I wanted to be able to do it in Audacity too.

Got it now :slight_smile: