Drums Recording Help

Hello guys, yesterday we recorded with friend great drum cover, we have 2 audio files, One sounds like the microphone is in the bottle and on the secound one audio file audio sounds very noisy. I’m kinda experienced with audacity but i can’t repair it. Can someone help ? I can provide both of the audio files.



Irrespective of repairing the files (if they even can be repaired), please say how you are recording the drums (make and model numbers of recording equipment helps a lot).

Also say what versions of Audacity and Windows you have (see the pink panel at the top of the page).

Have you recorded drums OK before now? It is much better to fix recording problems than keep “repairing” files.

See How to post an audio sample for how you might give us files. We only need a sample of the files, but they should be in WAV, not MP3, and as they were recorded, not with any attempts you made to clean them up.

If the noise is background hum or hiss, please be sure the sample includes some hum or hiss on its own.


Thanks for reply:

I recorded it as usually, two audio recorders, i dont know where is the problem, this is first time that audio files are noisy…
I have exact windows and audacity as this site is.

I’m sending you a both of the audio recordings,


One recording is noisy and other one is a quiet.


Neither do we, unless you give the make and model numbers of the recorders, and if they are not standalone recorders, say how they are connected to the computer.

That does not help us diagnose your problem either. We cannot see your computer, so please tell us your exact version of Windows (for example, XP Service Pack 3 or Windows 7 Service Pack 1) and all three Audacity version numbers from Help > About Audacity… .

Without knowing your Audacity version, we can’t even know what Audacity effects are available to you.


The wav file “Uasdasdfntitled.wav” is badly clipped. I think the recorder may have a brickwall limiter that makes it sound better than it should.

The wav file “Unawdtitled.wav” is also badly clipped. And there’s an annoying hum.

The recorder can’t handle it, because the mic is clipping even before entering the AD. Could it be this recorder was in front of, or even in the bass drum?

These recordings can’t be saved. You need to set the recording level much lower and/or switch on pads if the recorder has those for your next recording.