Dropping MP4 on Audacity

V 2.1.1

In the past month or two, I’ve suggested to another user, that a downloaded MP4 from YouTube can simply be dragged and DROPPED onto 2.1.1 and the Audio track will open and appear very quickly. Seems YouTube has changed formats, and dropping an MP4 onto Audacity now fails with a warning box.

What’s with that?? :confused:


If the other user has yet to install FFmpeg into Audacity, then Audacity won’t play MP4.

YouTube doesn’t “allow” you to download directly, so takes a 3rd party utility. You might need to find a different download utility.

And, make sure you’ve got the optional FFmpeg import/export library for Audacity installed and try a known-good MP4 to confirm you can open it.

Thanks… will do.


Yeah thanks, upgrading to Firefox 43.0 broke the download plugin, then I went to Firefox 43.1 (64-bit) which seems fast. Can still download MP4 files though.

Just remembered … brought a new i7, Win-7 (64-bit) PC online in the past 4 or 5 weeks!