I’ve recorded my podcast a few times now but recently recorded one that latest 1.5 hours and for some reason there was over 59,000 dropouts!
Not one bit can be listened to as its completely ruined. How do I fix this?
Error message states Other applications are competing with Audacity ( yet no other programs are running)
You are saving directly to a slow external storage device yet all other recordings have been fine previously/
Can someone help?

You can’t fix that recording - it’s trash, delete it.

Try rebooting your computer and then make a test recording. Do you still get loads of dropouts?

This was such a good episode of a podcast! We had no backup. so shattering. I’m not getting dropouts using any other programs which is awesome but super frustrating as i love using audacity.

Did rebooting your computer allow you to make recordings without dropouts?