Dropouts track - How do i re-display it?

Came back to my machine after a 2+hr recording with the dropouts track displayed, but no entries in the area displayed (the last 10 minutes of the recording) so scrolled back an hour or so, still no entries. Did not have time to do more at that time so gave up and closed the Dropouts track. Came back later to try to check the project again, but unable to find how to re-display the dropouts track. Probably something obvious but i am unable to figure it out.

  • Is there a way to re-display the dropouts track? I looked all over the interface, searched the forum and the help index without success
  • for future reference, is there a way when the dropout track is showing to jump to the part of the recording where either the first or the last dropout is indicated?

TIA for any help.

If the project has been closed, then you won’t be able to get the track back.

If the project has not been closed, the “Ctrl + Z” or “Edit menu > Undo” back to the step before you deleted the track.