Dropouts on Mac OS 10.13.2 Audacity 2.1.2

I have been using my current setup quite successfully for the last 18 months or more. My primary use of Audacity is in recording streaming audio from the web, and I do use Soundflower. By now I am up to about 40 gig of audio files, either burned to CD or placed on a flash drive and plugged into a digital player. All good. Throughout this period I have experienced occasional dropouts while recording, and I would simply re-record the item in question – although some of these could be quite lengthy (say 45 minutes at the outside). Now since the OS update to High Sierra (December 14) the dropouts seem to be occurring more frequently, so that I cannot count on a re-record as a workaround. The release notes for the upgrade suggest that audio output was effected and that makes me suspicious. Ok, so now I’m digging into more of the Audacity editing functionality, such as append record and insert – things which I have never touched up until now, but I am hopeful they will provide me a path to a new, more practical workaround. My question is whether there are adjustments to Audacity preferences that might also address the problem. I am thinking, for example, of buffer settings, which I have seen discussed in some of the issues on this forum. I should add that I always minimize machine load when recording, closing all windows but Audacity and the audio source.

See if this FAQ helps.
– Bill