Dropout on playback after upgrade to 3.0.2

Not sure why, but since upgrading to the new version of Audacity, playback has noise and dropouts. Doesn’t seem to matter if i playback thru headphones or monitors running from headphone jack on my ThinkPad. Anyone else having this issue?

I haven’t notice a rash of reports of playback problems with 3.0.0 or 3.0.2. You can search for playback noise in the search box in the upper right-hand corner of this page.

Note that “dropouts” happen during recording, not playback.

playback has noise and dropouts.

You can have playback distortions. If you do, they can move. If you play the damage multiple times, it can happen in different places. If the damage is always in the same place, then it’s most likely a recording problem and the work is damaged.


What’s the show and where did it come from? We naturally assume you’re creating your own sound or show, but you may be trying to play back somebody else’s show. You don’t say.


These are original recordings that were playing back fine before I updated my software. I appreciate the responses.

If you Export the project as a WAV or MP3, then quit Audacity and play the exported file in your usual media player, does it play correctly or does it have drop-outs?

If the exported file has drop-outs, try playing a “known to be good” file and check if that is playing correctly.