Drivers or lack there of...

Hello, I’ve got an Ezcap USB Cassette Capture device (looks like a Walkman with a nice USB plug) that I’ve been trying to get to work for three days now. I have gotten it to work correctly twice…once yesterday and once today…but only one cassette both sides per day mind you. The rest of the times I get an error message stating that there are no drivers installed for this USB device. I have tried to update the drivers but the message says there are no updates available. It did come with the Audacity installation CD for the version before 2.0. I did download 2.0. I’ve tried both version and haven’t had very much success. I just want to convert my cassette tapes so I can burn Cds of them…it’s frustrating that it’s being so difficult. Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated.

I have a Dell pc with Windows XP and I’ve tried it on my laptop as well…It’s an Acer with Windows 7…get the same error on both. Thanks again for your help!


When does that error message occur?
What does the error message actually say?

The USB icon pops up and when you click on it you get a box that says “USB device not recognized”. USB root hub (2 ports) then Unknown Device in bold print. When you click on Unknown Device you get this box Device Status: No drivers are installed for this device. If you are having trouble with this device click Troubleshoot to start troubleshooter. Then when you troubleshoot it pretty much just looks for undates for the driver and there are none. This happens everytime I connect the cassette player via usb to the computer.

Try connecting the device directly to the computer USB port. Audio devices shouldn’t be used with hubs.

It’s the usb connects on the front of the computer, I’m not using a hub.

Sorry I misread your post.

The USB Cassette Capture device probably uses the Windows generic USB audio driver. That driver is not a separate piece of software, it’s built into the USB driver.

The first thing we need to try to do is to establish where the problem lies.

It pops up where? What does it look like? Is it an error message or just a notification icon?

Try this on the Win 7 machine:

  • Attach the USB Cassette to the computer
  • Reboot the computer and wait for it to be fully booted up. Make sure that the computer has finished “doing things” before you proceed.
  • Right-click over the speaker icon in the System Tray, then select “Recording Devices”
  • Right-click inside the Recording tab and choose “Show disabled devices” then right-click again and check “Show Disconnected Devices

You should see something similar to this:

Is there a USB device listed on the Recording tab?

Hello i hae this same usb-cassetteplayer and it worked perfectly until windows stopped recognizing it.
No i just get generic “usb device not recognized” alert and would be awesom if someone could tell me what driver i could try to use it with and where it should be found in win 7. I also tried this with other win 7 computer and same problem.

If anyone have any good advices, please help. Cheers!

I have Windows XP and have the exact same problem as “shadowcircle” stated. I have upgraded my Audacity software to version 2.0.5 as suggested, but the problem persists. As soon as I plug the usb cassette into the usb port on my Compaq Presario desktop computer, a message pops up immediately which reads: “One of the usb devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and windows does not recognize it”. I did the troubleshooting as prompted by the computer, and it says that “no driver exists for this device” and suggests that I contact the manufacturer. I’m I totally out of luck at this point?

I’m assuming that you are using a standard USB audio compliant device like the original poster.
You’ll need to try the device in another computer. If the same thing happens then the device or its lead are faulty.

Absolutely correct. If Windows does not recognise the device then Audacity cannot use it.

All of you should unplug all other USB devices, then use the “Safely Remove Hardware” icon in the System Tray to eject the USB cassette player. The USB device may not be listed there, but if it is, wait until Windows says it is safe to remove the device, then unplug it at the USB connection and at the mains if applicable.

Next, plug your device into a spare USB port (not a USB hub), and switch it on if it is mains powered.

Wait a few minutes then completely shut down the computer and restart it. Wait for the computer hard drive light to stop flashing before checking in the Windows sound control panel if the device is recognised.

The USB cable often is the problem. If the above does not help, try another cable and make sure it is connected tightly both ends. Bear in mind these sort of devices are mass produced and cost only a few dollars to make.


As soon as I plug the usb cassette into the usb port on my Compaq Presario desktop computer, a message pops up

If the Cassette machine’s analog audio is still working, you can connect the line-headphone output to line-in on your soundcard. (You may need to buy the appropriate cable.)