Driver compatability issues.

I use a Yamaha MX49 keyboard which has bidirectional USB for pure digital recording, so the synth actually acts as an external USB sound card. Steinberg provides the Yamaha USB Driver which I have used successfully with Audacity in the past. It’s easier to call up Audacity to record my inspirations than the software that came with the keyboard, but after installing Windows 10, functionality stopped. I am unsure if it is Audacity or the drivers for the synthesizer, but I get flawless playback in windows without a problem and I can record using the software that came with the synth (Cubase AI8). But when I run Audacity, I get no sound, even though I can select the synth in the list of devices. I have not tried any other DAW with the keyboard on this system to see if the driver is proprietary, but the driver has not been updated so that just ads to my confusion. Nothing has changed except I cannot use Audacity at all.

As a fuzzy note, Drivers and interface software have to explicitly say “Windows 10 Compliant.” Just Windows Drivers doesn’t do it any more. Further, they have to come from Yamaha that way, not Microsoft.

Win10 is a different OS.

A number of hardware devices dropped dead because of non-compliant drivers. That was a nasty surprise to people who got the Win10 upgrade “in the background” without asking.


Did Audacity give you any error panels?


If you update the operating system, you need to update the drivers of any external audio device that requires its own special drivers.

I suggest you uninstall the Steinberg driver you have now, using Device Manager. Don’t reboot yet.

Install the correct driver for Windows 10 from

Then reboot the computer or as required by the software installation.

If that doesn’t help then the problem is something else.