Drifting latency

I’ve been using Audacity for 15 years. No latency for the past year or two and then today … drifting and shifting latency.

I’ve rebooted my pc. I’ve restarted my interface. I even reverted back to 3.0.5. Nothing helps. HUGE latency.

Here’s the weird part; when I record a 30 second clip with 5 measures of vocals.

  1. the 1st measure is 209 ms behind
  2. the 2nd measure is 628 ms behind
  3. the 3rd measure is 897 ms behind
  4. the 4th measure is 1,136 ms behind
  5. the 5th measure is 1,525 ms behind

Correction … not solved. Changing snapping did nothing. Still the same measurements.

Sorry for the back and forth but the SNAP setting really was the culprit. I just needed to restart Audacity to get it to take effect.

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