Drifting latency and tempo

Audacity was very stable for many many years but, in the last few years, I keep bumping into odd problems (crackling audio, varying latency, etc…). I always stay current as the benefits far outweigh potential instability. I actually love the change consolidating the .aup file with that _data folder to one big .aup3. It makes renaming so much easier.

Whatever the problem, I usually find a workaround until, eventually, problems just go away in a future update.

So, now I am faced with varying latency again. This time, though, I decided to listen to the recorded tracks instead of just deleting them, and … the tempo is slowed a lot.

Perhaps that’s a clue to the developers?

The only reason I’m posting is because the workaround I had from 9 months ago, restarting Audacity, did not help this time.

Ha :wink: I just found a workaround. The act of typing up a post in the Audacity forum seemed to have solved my problem. After 5-10 minutes of typing, I went back to Audacity and … no more latency/tempo issues.

Not sure if this will work next time though!

Seriously, though, that has to be a clue. Restarting didn’t work but … “waiting a little while” … does the trick? Strange.

The problem with that workaround it that you have to be careful not to make a second post in the forum or else the problem comes back. :wink: just type once in the forum :wink: or maybe an odd number of times? Let’s see if three times is a charm. If you don’t hear back from me, that will be the final solution!


It stopped. Then it started again. Very unsettling.

FYI: brand new computer last fall. All worked fine … until today.

Ok, so I switched back to 3.3.3 and … all was well for a few hours. I walked away from the computer to have dinner and, when I came back, all mono tracks were now playing only in the left channel. I opened up projects that were years old and, same thing.

Guys, I use this every day. What is going on?


Ok, I created a new mono track, copied 5 seconds of audio into it. BAM … all the other tracks fixed themselves. I didn’t even play that copied audio track. I deleted it and everything stayed fixed. Very unstable.

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