Drag n drop support

Hi all,

I searched for it and didn´t find this topic.
If there is one, feel free to delete or redirect my post.

I´m looking for an audioeditor with drag n drop support FROM it.
To edit and select a part of an audio sample and drag it out of the program into another sequender (or the desktop).
WITHOUT havin to save this selected part first as new wave! (It is annoying to save it first, find it again via mediabrowser and insert it.)

I´m only beware of Image-Line Edison and Reaper doing this.
Sadly I need an editor for mac. (Image-Line only develope this great little program for windows).

I´ve searched the internet and really think that can´t be real. There is only ONE Wave/Audio-Editor (Image-Line) able to drag a selected part out of the program??

Is there any chance to get this function implemented in audacity in the near future?

Please let me know.

Thanx in advance,


The current version 1.3.9 is planned for release as version 2.0 sometime in the (relatively) near future, and no feature changes are being done before then. After, who knows?

Certainly a facility to use drag n drop to export as WAV and import into a CD burning program would be convenient but, unless you limited it to the standard WAV format, you would have to include a dialog box to specify what format you wanted it in.

Don’t hold your breath!


Thanx for your reply Po´l.

I continue searching :slight_smile:

They say “Mac OSX - not available yet”, so you may be lucky at some time in the future.

Edison works on audio that is entirely held in RAM. This makes it considerably easier to support this feature. The down-side is that it cannot handle long audio clips.

Edison highlights this problem:
<<<Editing operations that require sample processing convert the source sample/s into 32-bit float and at the sample rate of the highest wave in any group processed. This means that processed wave files are unlikely to be in the same format as the source samples, although you can set the sample format after you have edited the sample (see the sample properties dialog). >>>

I contacted Imageline about the ongoing mac-compilation of edison, but the word “mac” seems to lead to an allergic reaction at the imagelineforum. :frowning:
Yes that´s right. And seems to be the reason no other editor includes this feature.
Thanks for your reply and the info you brought in!