Drag Function Bug

Whenever I drag to select portions of the clip I am editing, it doesn’t select the correct portion, doesn’t select anything, or worst of all selects the entire clip so when I hit play to try and listen before I edit it pushes me to verying beginning of the clip. This has only happened since the newest update and is tripling the time it takes me to edit something.

I’ve not heard of anyone else with this exact problem.

It’s possible that the problem is caused by the mouse. If you have a wireless mouse, check that the batteries are fully charged. For any kind of mouse, test the mouse click thoroughly (not using Audacity) to ensure that the mouse is creating single clicks reliably, and not creating double clicks intermittently.

Not sure it is a mouse issue, checked both aspects there. It did seem to happen less frequently after a computer restart, but is still happening occasionally.

Maybe that was most of the issue, because it rarely happens now. Will report back if it becomes an issue again.