Drag and drop of previously exported label files? (FR)


we are using label tracks to annotate audio files in Audacity, and I have a feature request.
(I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask for it, or if the GitHub issue tracker is also actively read for new FRs)

It would be nice if you could drag and drop a previously exported label (track) file onto an open Audacity project.
The drag and drop handling could check the file extension (or maybe check if the file’s contents is pure text with 3 tab-separated columns), and then add the labels as a new label track in the project.
If you drag and drop both a(n) (set of) audio file(s) and a (set of) label file(s), they would all be added as audio tracks or label tracks.

I know you can go through File → Import → Labels… but that’s not so user-friendly.

Thanks for considering this.
(and if you prefer that I add a ticket on GitHub, let me know)


These days, feature requests on GitHub are more likely to be seen by the developers.

Currently the file extension for exported label track is “.txt”, which is too general for this purpose (EQ settings and macros are also plain text files).
I’d guess that the easiest solution would be an additional option to use an alternative file extension, (such as “.lbl”). So long as the original “.txt” is also supported that would avoid obsoleting label tracks that were exported in older versions of Audacity.