How does one get a draft (saved new topic) into the forum ?


Don’t hit the silly Save button in the first place. Try to remember to use the Submit.

We have asked for the removal of the useless Save button - but it still remains, alas …


This should really be posted on the “Forum Issues” board. (any mderators want to move it?)

To answer your question, click on the “User Control Panel” link at the top left of the page. Then in your user control panel select the “Overview” tab and click on “Manage drafts”. You can then “Load” the draft and submit it.

Its as well I did “save” as it seems that Audacity is not too happy with Vista yet.
I know, what is ?

Indeed. Today’s Guardian Technology section front page article is:

Why Vista Sounds worse - changes to how the latest version of windows handles audio playback has caused unexpected quality issues for musicians and consumers alike”

Readable at http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2008/jan/31/microsoft.technology


Very good find WC - I’ll be sticking with XP (for as long as it’s usable) and Linux (hope we get good Jack support in Audacity soon).

Me too - indeed I was about to invest in a high-spec remaindered laptop in John Lewis recently, until I remembered to ask the salesman which O/s was on it - Vista with no option to “downgrade” to XP - so I said no thankyou.

But I note from reading the article that a Vista route for me in the future could be to configure Audacity with ASIO support - i know they can’t ship it that way but IIRC from reading other posts on the forum there are some mandraulics you can perform yourself to make Audacity work with ASIO. My external soundcard Edirol UA-1EX has ASIO via its “advanced driver” setting - could end up being a very useful feature (that I didn’t realize I might need at time of purchase).


If you can’t downgrade to XP, you could always upgrade to Linux :slight_smile:

Is there a draft in here? :unamused:

I’m an XP user, no doubt. I was a Windows 98 SE user before that. I was extremely hesitant to move away from 98 SE simply because I knew it so well. The time came for a new system and XP was preinstalled. What can I say?

In between these, I’ve loved playing with a few Linux flavors and FreeBSD. They are both more than a step up from the Windows world, no doubt.

make config
make install
make clean

That was my mantra.


I have a number of machines running Windows 2000. It’s the stable daddy to WinXP and it doesn’t make you call in each license for “verification” (we assume for your safety and convenience). I wonder what you need to do if your WinXP machine never touches the internet. No doubt they make you do something involving the United States Postal Service.

I wonder if WaxCylinder picked his pseudonym before he realized that he and “Water Closet” shared the same abbreviation. Although I guess the phrase is “going to the loo” now instead of going to visit the WC.


Actually Koz it did cross my mind, but didn’t trouble me too much. After all a WC (loo, bog, toilet, washroom etc. etc.) is a very useful thing … :wink: