downloading audacity for windows 7

I am trying to download audacity for my Windows 7 computer. Every time i download audacity, I open the audacity- win-2.0.5 (4) exe file, I get a warning message that this file is from an unknown publisher and that it does not have a digital signature. The warning message asks me if i am willing to trust this publisher. With a warning message like this, I am very reluctant to go ahead. Please can you tell me why I am getting this warning message and what I should do to get the audacity download.

If you got it from this service, then it should be OK.

You can use the ZIP download and avoid permissions issues.

But no, if you have any second thoughts about opening this software, you shouldn’t do it. If you have good virus protection software, you can turn it loose on the installer and check it.


One more note. You will almost certainly also need the other two software packages, LAME and FFMpeg. Get both of those from the same place to make sure they match.