Downloaded new Audacity, audio plays back garbled and slow

Hey all, just downloaded 2.0.5 for Windows Vista x64 and have had the same problem with every file I’ve opened in it (have tried MP3s as well as old project files). When I hit play, the cursor moves at like 1/10 of the normal speed, and it’s all white noise / garbling. I tried a new file as well, recording went normally, but as soon as I hit play the same thing happens. I still have 1.3 on my computer which works fine, and now that I’m back in a music groove I’m hoping to use this new version to record since it has new effects and whatnot. Thanks in advance for the help and please let me know if I need to provide more info!

Be sure you hit the big green Play button or use SPACE on your keyboard. The small Play button plays at different speeds.

Please reboot the computer and try again in 2.0.5.

If no success, quit Audacity and reinstall 2.0.5. Enable the “Reset Preferences” box half way through the installer and confirm you want to reset after you launch 2.0.5.

If that does not help, try right-click over the 2.0.5 audacity.exe, choose “Properties” then click the “Compatibility” tab. Try choosing a compatibility mode for Vista.

If the behaviour is still the same it is presumably a driver problem with whatever sound device you are using. So we can see what sound devices you have, please open Help > Audio Device Info… . In the Audio Device Info window, right-click and choose “Select All”. Then right-click and “Copy”. Then paste the information into your reply.