Downloaded audacity file from email, does not have data file, cannot open

I recently lost all of my audacity files (I have tried recovery options, that have not worked) but I was able to access one of the files through my email because I had emailed it to a group mate. I downloaded what I had sent him onto my computer, but audacity cannot open the file. I have attached the error messages it gives me below, they say:

Couldn’t find the project data folder: “battle scars (6)data"
Could not load file: "C:\Users\ellie
\Download\battle scars (6).aup”

One thing I noticed is that I do not have a separate data folder and aup folder, but rather one item listed as an aup. I am not sure if this is the problem or if it is, how to fix it, but please help me, thanks.

There are two parts to an Audacity project:

  1. The “_data” folder.
    This folder contains the audio data for the project. Do not mess with this folder or you will probably destroy the project.

  2. The project “.aup” file.
    This file contains instructions that tell Audacity how to reassemble the data from the “_data” folder to create the project.

Both the project file and the _data folder are essential. The project must have the data and the instructions.
The data folder and the project file are both created on saving the project, and both appear in the same file directory. They must remain in the same file directory so that Audacity can find both parts.

See here for more info about managing Audacity projects: