downloaded ACX Check

I’m using audacity 2.1.2 on a Dell Inspiron 15, Windows 8.1 with a terabyte of storage (mostly unused) aand 16 gigs of RAM.

I’ve downloaded the ACX check Nyquist plug-in and my computer keeps asking what app I want to open this file in. But it doesn’t give me any choices that include program files (x 86) where the audacity program files are, and I don’t see any way to physically import it into the Audacity Effects or Analyze menus.I tried moving the file to the desktop of the PC but it didn’t show up there, I suspect maybe I should use the desktop on the OneDrive? Or at least look there. But I don’t see how that will help either…
The only clear direction is to go to the app store, but I have no idea what app in the app store would open this file and get it into audacity. Does anybody else out there?

You’re just supposed to drop it in the Audacity plugins folder.

ACX Check will announce itself the next time you launch Audacity. It appears under Analyze.

It does have a couple of oddities:

ACX Check has a limit to the length of presentation. You can’t turn it loose on a three-hour show. You can’t submit a three-hour show anyway. Do you have the ACX Submission Rules?

I see they corrected an error from their earlier posting.

ACX Check depends on you leaving at least a half-second of room tone (natural background noise) somewhere in the test clip. If you don’t do that, it will fail your noise reading even though the clip may actually be OK.

No fair manufacturing a clean noise segment with Control-L or Command-L. That will pass noise inspection because ACX-Check has no smarts, but nobody will believe the results. Same with creating a terrific noise reading by overusing Effect > Noise Reduction. Yes, you did make a nice quiet background, but your voice sounds like a bad cellphone and will fail ACX Human Quality Control.


Note though that you still have to go to Add/Remove Plugins and enable it.


Wait. What? Is there a plug-in that will automatically give me the correct settings for ACX audiobooks??

Something tells me this is too good to be true, but that’s what this thread looks like.

Fingers crossed.

Diane the Desperate

Is there a plug-in that will automatically give me the correct settings for ACX audiobooks??

It will tell you which ones you missed and by how far. The tool is ACX-Check. There are too many things that can go wrong for an ACX Filter or Effect to automatically fix it.

That’s dangerously close to my April first submission, Professional Audio Filter (PAF). It automatically turns whatever you shot in whatever condition into a professional sound track. But it only works on April first.

I’ll see if I can find it. It was very popular when I wrote it.

By the way, there’s very little mystery about how to pass the ACX robot. Many cellphones can do it. The problem is the second ACX quality control layer which is a human looking for a honky cell-phone voice instead of natural presenting and storytelling.


Note the posting date.


One of the links in that is failing. I’m having trouble with They did a server upgrade and it did not go perfectly.


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